Sewage removal and hazardous waste disposal
in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Birmingham and throughout the UK

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Domestic and commercial sewage removal

Camion UK is part of a family owned business, with over 40 years of history. We are based in the Midlands with depots in Birmingham and Burton upon Trent, covering the whole of the Midlands and the surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge in the emptying of septic tanks and cesspools for both domestic and commercial clients.

Sewage Removal 
If your house or business is not connected to the mains sewer, your sewage will go to one of the following:

  • A septic tank 
 These are underground tanks in which solids sink to the bottom and the liquid flows to soak through the ground

  • A small sewage treatment plant (also known as a package treatment plant) 
This part-mechanical system treats the liquid ensuring it is clean enough to go into rivers and streams

  • A cesspool (also called a cesspit) 
 Cesspools are sealed tanks that collect the sewage

All tanks require emptying, and to minimises any risk of overflowing tanks and blocked drains it is essential to keep sewage tanks in good working order.

A wide range of tankers

We have an extensive range of tankers, from 2000 gallon vehicles, covering difficult access areas, up to 4000 gallon vehicles for larger disposal needs, and including jet-vacs for clearing blockages and washing down.
Septic tanks
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Our sewage collection and disposal services include:


Special offer

Discounts are available for neighbours arranging collections on the same day and time. Contact us for more details.
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